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We track and compare over 200 Portfolio Recipes (also known as "model portfolios" or "investing algorithms") that you can invest in for yourself or your clients. Each Portfolio Recipe includes the exact ETFs or mutual funds to buy each month. For each Portfolio Recipe, we calculate and graph dozens of risk and return metrics going back 15 years so you can see what's best. 


Find a high-performing Portfolio Recipe. Use our tools to identify and invest in a portfolio with higher returns, lower risk, and lower fees.  Try a free subscription or the full version for just $15 per month.  


The 200+ Portfolio Recipes fall into three categories: Tactical Portfolio Recipes, Strategic Portfolio Recipes, and Managed funds.


Here are the top Tactical Portfolio Recipes through January 31, 2021. 

  • 1-month total return: +4.8%   Pure Momentum Portfolio Recipe (t.pure)
  • 1-year total return: +55.0%   Pure Momentum Portfolio Recipe (t.pure)
  • 5-year total return (annualized): +16.6%   Top 5 Sector Rotation (t.srt5)
  • 10-year total return (annualized): +19.1%   Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)
  • 15-year total return (annualized): +17.6%   Pure Momentum Portfolio Recipe (t.pure)

For the full list of Portfolio Recipes (including Strategic and Managed Portfolios) and how to invest in each, Subscribe or Login.


The three categories of Portfolio Recipes that we compare and track are as follows:

  • Tactical Portfolio Recipes. These dynamic algorithms use a variety of approaches: Momentum, Mean-Variance Optimization, Conditional Value at Risk, Sector Rotation, or a combination. 
  • Strategic Portfolio Recipes. These are static allocations based on ideas from Harry Browne, Scott Burns (Couch Potato), Ben Graham, Lazy Portfolios, and more.
  • Managed funds from Vanguard, Blackrock, PIMCO, and others. These individual ETFs or mutual funds each have an objective that is set by professional portfolio managers. Use these all-in-one funds as points of comparison for the other Portfolio Recipes.

Receive Monthly Updates. We update every Portfolio Recipe monthly with the latest performance results.

  • We update the Tactical Portfolio Recipes with the latest allocations and the list of the exact ETFs or mutual funds to buy for each Portfolio Recipe.
  • We publish a wide range of performance analytics for each Portfolio Recipe so you can see risk and return compared to other recipes and to benchmarks.

Apply Advanced Analytics. Every Portfolio Recipe is fully analyzed with over 15 metrics, plus charts.

  • Use a variety of risk, return, and risk-vs-return metrics to visualize and find your best portfolio recipe. Use maximum drawdown, downside deviation, standard deviation, beta, alpha, M-squared (Modigliani), and Sharpe ratio to gain a complete risk profile for each Portfolio Recipe.
  • Compare dozens (or even hundreds) or Portfolio Recipes in a single glace using Risk vs. Return scatterplots. 
  • Apply standard benchmarks to see how each Portfolio Recipe stacks up to the S&P 500, the U.S. Bond Index, and a 60-40 Balanced Portfolio.
A risk vs. return scatterplot for the Minimum MAD (Mean Absolute Deviation) Portfolio

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VizMetrics Free Subscription

Free access to 200+ Portfolio Recipes including tactical/dynamic algorithms and strategic/static allocation models.

  • Includes recipes inspired by a variety of approaches: Adaptive, Momentum, MVO, CVaR, Risk Parity, Sortino, Lazy, Browne, Fundamental, Dalio, Graham, Swensen, Faber.
  • 1-year Portfolio Recipe comparisons with metrics and graphical analysis
  • Also access the risk and return metrics for 100+ ETF portfolio ingredients
  • Articles discussing Portfolio Recipes and asset allocation models
  • How-to guides for choosing, investing, and rebalancing with Portfolio Recipes

VizMetrics Investor Subscription

Receive all the features of the Free Subscription, plus everything you need to invest using any Portfolio Recipe:

  • Percentage allocations and exact ETF ingredients for each Portfolio Recipe
  • Monthly cut-and-paste rebalance instructions for all ETF Portfolio Recipes. Implement at your favorite brokerage.
  • 10-year Portfolio Recipe comparisons with interactive risk vs. return scatterplots.
  • Downloadable spreadsheet with all Portfolio Recipe risk and return data.

Choose, Invest, and Rebalance using a Portfolio Recipe

How to Choose a Portfolio Recipe

Below is a step-by-step guide to choosing a "Portfolio Recipe" using VizMetrics. The Portfolio Re...

How to Invest using a Portfolio Recipe

After you have selected a Portfolio Recipe, you are now ready to invest. If you have not yet sele...

How to Rebalance using a Portfolio Recipe

This describes the ways you can keep your portfolio allocation up-to-date.

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...except with more choices, better performance, and more flexibility.

  • More choices. Choose from dozens of different approaches from leading thinkers and investors, including tactical allocation, risk minimization, and sector rotation. Explore and compare using a full range of risk metrics, including maximum drawdown and alpha.
  • Better performance. Find Portfolio Recipes that have greater return than leading benchmarks, or lower risk, or both.
  • More flexibility. Adjust any Portfolio Recipe to meet your needs. Use any brokerage that you want. Blend multiple Portfolio Recipes to create a set of holdings tailored to your situation. 

Find your best investment portfolio by comparing Portfolio Recipes

Create your best portfolio by choosing from over 200 Portfolio Recipes that are carefully tracked by VizMetrics.

VizMetrics publishes full details for every Portfolio Recipe, including the following:

  • underlying ingredients (ETFs or mutual funds),
  • the exact percentage allocation to each ingredient,
  • total return history,
  • risk profile,
  • risk-adjusted return,
  • and many more metrics.

VizMetrics Portfolio Recipes cover a variety of investment strategies including tactical/dynamic, strategic/static, and professionally managed funds. Try a free subscription today! No credit card required.

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