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How to Rebalance Your Portfolio at M1 Finance

After you have been invested in a Portfolio Recipe, it may be time to rebalance. This How-To Guide is the next steps in "How to Rebalance Your Portfolio," which follows "How to Invest Using a Portfolio Recipe" and "How to Choose a Portfolio Recipe." Please contact us if you have any questions.

You will need an account with both Recipe Investing and M1 Finance in order to use this guide.
Note: This How-To Guide is written for the web (desktop) version of M1 Finance. The mobile app may differ.

If you are using M1 Finance but have not yet invested in a Portfolio Recipe, you may want to read our other guide: "How to Invest at M1 Finance Using a Portfolio Recipe."

How to Invest at M1 Finance Using a Portfolio Recipe

1. Get your Portfolio's new allocation

Log in at go.recipeinvesting.com/login to get new Portfolio Recipe allocation that you will use for the upcoming month.

2. Find your Portfolio Recipe's ingredients for the upcoming month

  • After you have logged in to go.recipeinvesting.com, go to the Portfolio Recipe Summary Page, and click the name of your Portfolio Recipe in the "Recipe Name" column to open the detail page.
  • Scroll down to the "How to Invest" section and find "Recipe ingredients (for FolioInvesting.com)"
  • Scroll down to the "How to Invest" section and find "Recipe ingredients (for FolioInvesting.com)"
  • For example, an old allocation of t.aaaf:
    • DBC="22.94%," EFA="0.31%," IWM="0.13%," IYR="7.37%," SPY="69.25%"

3. Log in to your account at M1 Finance

  • Go to https://dashboard.m1finance.com/login
  • Enter the email address you used to sign up, enter your password, and click “Log In”
  • If enabled, enter your two-factor authentication code and click “Submit”

4. Reallocate your pie

By default, M1 Finance will evenly divide the allocation of each “slice” of your pies. To rebalance the pie into the fractions you want, follow the steps below:

  • If you are not already there, navigate to: Research > My Pies > [Name of Pie]
  • Click “Edit”
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, select the text box containing the percent (%) sign
  • Enter the new percent value as described on the Recipe’s allocation page (e.g., DBC=22.94%)
  • Since M1 Finance only accepts whole number percentages, you may need to round the number up or down (e.g., DBC=23%)
  • Once you have modified the percentages for each ingredient that requires it, M1 will ensure that your portfolio adds to an even 100% (because of the rounding required to achieve whole numbers, you may need to adjust the percentages slightly to achieve a sum of 100%)
  • When you are finished, click “Save”
  • M1 may present you with a summary of your changes and ask you to confirm that you would like to go through with them

Since the pie you are rebalancing is likely already apart of your portfolio, you should not need to take any further steps for rebalancing. If you have not yet added the pie to your portfolio and would like to begin investing in it, the guide "How To Invest at M1 Finance Using a Portfolio Recipe" should be helpful.

5. Track your progress and rebalance monthly

You can now simply track your portfolio's progress in your brokerage account. If you are using a tactical (t.) Portfolio Recipe, you will need to rebalance your portfolio at the beginning of the next month. The list of new ingredients and allocations is published for each Portfolio Recipe on the first trading day of each calendar month. Access these by logging in at go.recipeinvesting.com/login.


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