How to Rebalance

How to Rebalance Your Portfolio

Additional resources for rebalancing are available when you sign up for the Free Subscription or Investor Subscription.

1. Get your Portfolio's new allocation

Log in at to get new Portfolio Recipe allocation that you will use for the upcoming month.

2. Find your Portfolio Recipe's ingredients for the upcoming month

  • After you have logged in to, go to the Portfolio Recipe Summary Page, and click the name of your Portfolio Recipe in the "Recipe Name" column to open the detail page.
  • Scroll down to the "How to Invest" section and find "Recipe ingredients (for"
  • This will show the tickers for the ETF ingredients used in this Portfolio Recipe. You will also see the percentage allocation for each ETF.
  • Note that these tickers and numbers are formatted in two ways:
    • Formatted for input into the order page. Here an example of how a recipe's ingredients may appear:
      • EEM,20.00,EFA,30.00,GLD,20.00,IWM,30.00
    • Formatted for you to read and use at any other brokerage. Here an example of how a recipe's ingredients may appear:
      • EEM=20.00%, EFA="30.00," GLD="20.00%," IWM="30.00%

3. Log in to your brokerage account and place the trades.

Rebalance by calculating the number of shares of each portfolio ingredient to buy or sell. Then you can place trades for each portfolio ingredient that has changed.

How to Rebalance Your Portfolio Using M1 Finance

If we do not yet have a How-To Guide specific to the brokerage you have chosen, the steps to rebalancing your Portfolio are likely similar to those outlined in the guide "How-To Invest Using a Portfolio Recipe."

If you have not yet chosen or invested in a Portfolio Recipe, we have other How-To Guides written to help you in starting your investment journey:

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