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Top Tactical Portfolio Recipes through January 31, 2024:

Top Tactical Portfolio Recipes through January 31, 2024:

•   1-month total return: +16.0%Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)
•   1-year total return: +51.8%Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)
•   5-year total return (annualized): +16.8%Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)
•   10-year total return (annualized): +14.1%Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)
•   20-year total return (annualized): +16.3%Pure Momentum (t.pure)
•   1-month total return:

+16.0% Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)

•   1-year total return:

+51.8% Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)

•   5-year total return (annualized):

+16.8% Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)

•   10-year total return (annualized):

+14.1% Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)

•   20-year total return (annualized):

+16.3% Pure Momentum (t.pure)

The 200+ Portfolio Recipes fall into three categories: Tactical Portfolio Recipes, Strategic Portfolio Recipes, and Managed funds.
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If the Portfolio Recipe you are invested in changes at the beginning of a month, buy or sell the specified ingredients to match the latest Portfolio Recipe allocation.


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