Article - Permanent Portfolio Alternatives

Permanent Portfolio Alternatives: 34 Portfolio Recipes that Beat the Leading "Permanent" Mutual Fund

The Portfolio Recipes listed below have both higher return and lower risk than PRPFX, a leading "Permanent Portfolio" mutual fund.
Each Portfolio Recipe includes an ID (either the ticker symbol or the Portfolio ID used by RecipeInvesting), name, Annual Return %, and Downside Deviation % for the 15 years ending June 30, 2021.
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RankPortfolio Recipe IDPortfolio Recipe / FundAnnualized Total Return %Downside Deviation %
 PRPFXPermanent Portfolio mutual fund7.0%6.8%
1t.aaafAdaptive Allocation F15.2%5.9%
2t.sharMaximum Sharpe Portfolio12.3%6.8%
3t.aaaaAdaptive Allocation A12.3%6.5%
4t.aaabAdaptive Allocation B11.9%6.6%
5t.aaacAdaptive Allocation C11.8%6.6%
6t.cdarMinimum CdaR11.7%6.4%
7t.tretTarget Return 12%11.6%5.8%
8t.trddTarget Return Post-Modern11.5%5.9%
9t.mva3Minimum Variance C11.0%5.3%
10t.mvarMinimum Variance A10.3%5.2%
11t.madmMinimum Mean Abs Deviation10.2%5.2%
12t.maddMinimum Downside MAD10.2%5.2%
13t.risdMin Downside Deviation10.1%5.3%
14t.lossMinimum Drawdown9.8%6.0%
15t.eqrcEqual Risk Contribution9.8%5.8%
16t.mva2Minimum Variance B9.7%5.4%
17t.cocoMinimum Correlation9.7%6.3%
18t.mdivMaximum Diversification9.6%5.7%
19JANBXJanus Balanced9.5%6.2%
20t.frs3Faber Rel Strength: Top 39.4%6.3%
21t.cvarMinimum CvaR9.3%5.4%
22t.mca2Minimum Correlation B9.2%5.8%
23t.mca1Minimum Correlation A9.1%5.7%
24t.rpclRisk Parity With Cluster8.8%6.1%
25VBIAXVanguard Balanced8.7%6.7%
26t.trisTarget Risk 10%8.6%6.6%
27SFHYXHundredfold Select8.2%2.9%
28s.5050Strategic 50-507.9%5.7%
29s.coucCouch Potato: Scott Burns7.9%6.4%
30VWINXVanguard Wellesley Inv7.6%4.2%
31 Traditional Permament Portfolio
using ETFs
32s.browHarry Browne inspired7.4%4.2%
33t.frs4Faber Rel Strength: Top 47.3%5.5%
34t.dyhbDynamic Harry Browne7.3%4.3%


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