Article - 46 Portfolios Recipe that Beat the Couch Potato Portfolio

46 Portfolio Recipes that Beat the Couch Potato Portfolio

Portfolio Recipes, with ID and annual return over the past 10 years, ending July 31, 2016. Click any ID to see full details.

Portfolio Recipe NameID (link)Annual Return (%)
Couch Potato: Scotch Burnss.couc6.6%
Quartile Sector Rotationt.srqr18.7%
Target Return Post-Modernt.trdd12.7%
Target Return 12%t.tret12.6%
Adaptive Allocation At.aaaa12.6%
Faber Rel Strength: Top 1t.frs111.9%
Minimum Variance Ct.mva311.7%
Minimum CdaRt.cdar11.5%
Minimum Mean Abs Deviationt.madm10.8%
Maximum Diversificationt.mdiv10.8%
Minimum CvaRt.cvar10.7%
Minimum Downside MADt.madd10.7%
Minimum Variance At.mvar10.7%
Minimum Variance Bt.mva210.6%
Minimum Drawdownt.loss10.4%
Min Downside Deviationt.risd10.1%
Equal Risk Contributiont.eqrc9.7%
Risk Parity Portfolio At.rpba9.0%
Berkshire Hathaway IncBRK.A9.0%
Talmud Dividend Equitiess.talm8.9%
Talmud Equities and Golds.talg8.8%
S&P 500 Equal WeightRSP8.7%
Risk Parity Portfolio Bt.rsop8.6%
Rel Strength Sector Rotatnt.srrs8.5%
Invesco Divers DividendLCEIX8.3%
Vanguard EquityVEIPX8.2%
Columbia Div IncomeLBSAX8.0%
WisdmTr Top 100DTN 8.0%
Janus BalancedJANBX7.8%
Vanguard Wellesley InvVWINX7.6%
Vanguard Wellington InvVWELX7.6%
Talmud Broad Markets.talb7.6%
Strategic 80-20 Portfolios.80207.6%
WF Asset AllocationWFAIX7.6%
Vanguard Wellesley AdmVWIAX7.5%
Talmud with Blue Chips.talc7.5%
Strategic 70-30 Portfolios.70307.4%
Vanguard BalancedVBIAX7.3%
ValueLine AssetAllocVLAAX7.2%
Strategic 60-40 Portfolios.60407.1%
Lazy: Yale Unconventionals.yale7.1%
BlackRock Eq DividendMDDVX7.0%
WisdomTree ex-USDLN6.9%
Strategic 50-50s.50506.8%
Fidelity PuritanFPURX6.8%
Fidelity BalancedFBALX6.8%
iShares Select DividendDVY6.8%


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