8 Balanced Portfolios Compared: Vanguard, Janus And Others Vs. A 60-40 2-ETF Portfolio

Published: July 10, 2013

Our recent article "3 Portfolios Inspired By Graham, Swensen, Browne" elicited the suggestion that we compare a do-it-yourself ETF portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds to Vanguard's Balanced Fund (MUTF:VBIAX). That also made us think about the other balanced funds from the leading fund companies.


Specifically, here are the two questions we want to answer:


1. Which "balanced fund" has the best risk-adjusted returns?


2. Can I do better creating my own balanced ETF portfolio using 60% stocks (NYSEARCA:VTI) and 40% bonds (NASDAQ:BND)?


Choosing the Portfolios


First, we identified balanced funds from the major fund companies. Here's the list with each ticker and annual expense according to the prospectus.

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